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Bioresonance Article E-lybra Bio-resonance Therapy- The use of frequency for healing is the current cutting edge of alternative health modalities.

E-lybra Bio-resonance Therapy - The use of frequency for healing is the current cutting edge of alternative health modalities.

What is frequency healing and how does it work?

Frequency healing refers to a type of treatment that has been developing and expanding since the early 1900’s and is a therapy associated with specific signature frequencies based on theories of resonance and vibration.

Using frequency for healing consists of either dis-rupting unwanted frequencies, such as those of a virus or bacteria, or by amplifying healthy frequency disrupting unwanted frequency occurring similar to the way an opera singer breaks a glass. The glass resonates to a particular tone; amplifying that tone beyond the level of energy the glass can absorb causes it to shatter. The same can be done with bacteria and virus by bombarding them resonant frequency beyond their ability to absorb. Alternatively optimal health can be supported by providing the desired frequency at the desired amplitude and when the body resonates with this frequency it creates the optimal conditions for health.
Frequency Treatment Today.

Transforming Therapies uses E-lybra, developed by World Development Systems, it combines bio-feedback with signature frequencies which interacts between our thoughts, emotions and beliefs and their impact on our energy template

A computer software program holds almost all the known signature frequencies for diseases, organs, thoughts, emotions, health states, viruses, bacteria and much more. Using subtle fields as a carrier, the frequencies are introduced to the body; not enough to cause harm but enough to measure the body’s reaction. The biofeedback component of the machine measures the body’s reactivity to each frequency and presents readout of the body’s reactions above and below a certain point. The readout does not tell you what frequencies are present in your body, it tells you what frequencies your body reacted to.

Your body may react to a frequency for many reasons. For example someone may react to the frequency of tuberculosis because either they have it, were exposed to it, are afraid of it, work in a tuberculosis clinic, developed a tuberculosis vaccine or any other number of reasons. The fact that they react to the frequency doesn’t tell us why, it only points out that it’s important. Many times a person is reactive to frequencies related to their spouse or significant other. The job of the practitioner is to investigate the picture and define the areas needing attention. The machine is not diagnostic; it can only indicate areas to investigate.

In addition to providing reactivity levels, these machines can also promote health. Health support consists of amplifying frequencies to either disrupt disease states or to strengthen healthy states. Applications may be physical or emotional in nature. Bio-resonance therapy does not claim to cure disease, but will help create the optimal condition for the body to heal itself; it’s our bodies that heal. Both medicine and technology assist the process and remove the obstacles to cure.
In the end, our theories are reflections of the paradigm of our time. We create constructs to organise information to understand our world. Our paradigm represents the parameters of the construct we have created. Eventually as we gather more information it begins to seep around the edges and fall outside of the limits of our understanding and we have to change the way we organize the world. We are in the midst of one such shift at this time.

Paradigm shift
Healing techniques are inextricably linked to the technology and paradigm of their time. The history of one is the history of the other. The basic building blocks of frequency healing were discovered at the turn of the 20th century, but could not develope until there was a change in the scientific paradigm. This occurred when Einstein mathematically proved that energy and matter were the same substance with different rates of vibration that opened the door to a new description of health and illness, a description based on energy and organising fields.

Frequency healing has a far reaching benefits and the potential to turn your life around on many levels and the therapy is supported by guidance towards lifestyle changes and supplement recommendations if required.

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