L&Q Conference at Wembley Stadium 2014

Here’s the feedback from your session, it’s really good
Letitia Matthews
IT Training Manager

 At first I was a little unsure of the instructor as some of her material did not relate to hypnosis. However the relaxation session was very enjoyable.
 Very interesting experience all the class were very keen on the areas of mindfulness.
 Small intimate number that meant you could hear and partake. The lecturer was excellent, knew her subject and ensured everyone understood what she was saying. Well-constructed and executed. And it works….!!

 It would have been useful to have been within a quiter zone there was a lot of noise comming from neibouring events.
 The one truly professionally presented workshop of the day. A silver lining on an otherwise dark cloud of a conference.
 Enjoyable.
 Brillant , really relaxed
 very good,
 More of a relaxation class but good for the time allotted.
 the art of relaxation, aah!
 Valuable skills for stress relief.
 very strange but something I would look deeper into..
 very well structured and worth while.

P V from a Gynaecological Cancer Support Group (Norfolk)
Thanks for a brilliant workshop, all those attending really gained so much from you. I hope that you would consider coming back to provided more workshops. There is such a warm response from all those who I’ve mentioned you to who are interested in learning more. I feel there is a real need and interest regarding accessing supportive therapies, it would be great if you are able to facilitate this.

Chrones Client - Lucy (London)
Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly
I am now doing amazingly well and looking forward to our next meeting.
Looking to go back to work soon and taking that trip away that’s been on hold for so long.

T (Norfolk)
I feel blessed; you have nurtured me body and eased my mind in ways I could only have hoped for

Thank you. The words may be small but the sentiment is huge.
CC (Spain)

What a difference. Thank you. The birth of my son was an experience not to be forgotten I have no fears now that all is well.
Suzanne (London)

I’m hooked on hypnosis. Thanks for teaching me the pleasures of relaxation.
Tony (London)
I have suffered with chrones for 4 years, it was ruining my life. I am so delighted to have discovered that changes in my diet and the personalised remedies have had such a remarkable outcome. H A N (London).

It not everyday you come across something as unique in what you do and I believe fate in discovering you were my prayers answered. Onward and upward.
Toby (Guildford Surrey UK)

Thank you very very much for everything it was a really good that I had the opportunity to work with you.
Roger (France)

With love and thanks for your care of our inner selves.
Masters Reiki group Glastonbury

Gratitude is one of the nicest feelings a heart can have. It’s a feeling that comes along for a very special reason and it’s a lovely thought that never goes away once it enters in. it joins together with precious memories and grateful hopes. Gratitude lives on, not for just a moment or a day, but through all the seasons that lie ahead. I hope you’ll always remember my appreciation for everything you’ve done and my endless gratitude.
Liz (Edingthorpe)

I am writing to express my deep and sincere thank you for helping me with your technology. I had not realised the extreme benefits of this machine you have, but I can see, how the treatment you use for me, has worked wonders.
Miss Beunardeau (France)

Thank you, I am so delighted to being living my life once more and will keep up with the remedies. My health is improving each day and I feel so much happier, as does my husband who see this tremendous change in me.
Helen H (London).

 I’m delighted with my weight loss. I thought I had tried everything I am so glad that you were recommended to me because now there’s no going back, I feel fitter, younger and happy happy happy.
Sarah (Northern Ireland)

Allergies year on year were a problem for me, now I can look forward to all seasons of the year. Tim (Norfolk)

Great workshop! My mind has eased and my spirits are lifted. I look forward to see you again next year on the Labyrinth Walk of Life. Cecil Hon (World Traveler)

I don’t profess to understand what you do, but I know it has helped me when all else had failed. This new hope has taught me to trust my body communications.
Ellen (Belfast Northern Ireland)

Thanks for giving me new hope - Pip (Norfolk)

Thank you for everything, for your kindness, your patience and for your precious help.
Intiolhan. (overseas tourist)

Thanks for helping me with my Hay fever please can you forward me another remedy.
L. Pepper (London)

Thanks for your kind words and understanding today. Maureen (Gt Yarmouth Norfolk)

Thanks for bearing with me and sending the latest treatment. I’m keeping afloat nicely I’m so pleased to be able to cope better – lots better.
June (Cromer Norfolk)

Thanks so much for your kindness, for your patience and sharing so many things with me. It’s been a very special time and I’ve learnt so many things. I look forward to my next trip.
Conchi (Spain)

Thanks for a great weekend. We really enjoyed the workshop and learning new ways to look at food. Thefood was delicious and we are already using the recipes on our friends.
H and C (Surrey)

Thank you very much for the great time and the opportunity to spend some time with you learning about all that wonderful food.
Rebecca (Germany)

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